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Story levitating timepiece

Story levitating timepiece
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Story is the world's first levitating timepiece!

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Clock Story

Story clock is the first clock in the world that it can be personalised to your most unique stories. The Story clock has a levitating sphere that orbits around a wooden base telling the time. Story can be placed as wall clock or table clock.

Seconds, minutes, hours and even years

With the special for the Story clock developed app you can customise your own orbit. You can use it as a traditional clock with seconds, minutes and hours or as a custom clock to count specials moments like birthdays, anniversaries or upcoming travel plans. Story is not only a clock, it is a unique way to visualise the time.

How does it work?

The clock has a numerous magnets and an electromagnetic field which makes possible the sphere to move around its orbit. Set a future date and Story will travel one full orbit until you reach your destination.

The display can show the time and shines through the wooden base. As time changes, the unexposed digital dots become the wooden structure again. No dots remain visible and lighted. With the app you will be able to set the date, time, and different modes and all colours for the backlight. 

The backlight behind the clock can burn continuously or follows the sphere as it is levitating around the clock. It is possible to let it work on the moon phase.

Different Modes

The Story clock can be set as a journey mode, clock mode or timer mode. In the journey mode you set your personal timeline like the coming birth of a child in 9 months, your next meeting or vacation.
In timer mode you can set up daily activities like one hour meeting at the office. Let Story count down the time for you.

Diameter: 26,3cm
Thickness: 5,7cm
Chrome Sphere: 1,6cm
Wood: Walnut 

Wall Adapter Power Rating:
Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1.2A
Output: DC 15V 4A Centre Pole Positive
Indoor use only

Device Power Consumption:

Vertical position (blue backlight, display on, sphere levitating):
Average: 9.4W
Max.: 35W

Horizontal position (blue backlight, display on, sphere levitating):
Average: 9.4W
Max.: 10W


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